Yoga or Tai Chi for IBS

Posted by jackiem95 @jackiem95, Jan 10, 2019

Has anyone with IBS or other similar issues had success with doing yoga or Tai chi to relieve stress and help relax?
I walk briskly for at least 1/2 hour almost every day and for my age (mid 70s) am not in too bad overall condition.
I did try a local yoga class but everyone else there was more experienced with yoga and it turned out to move too fast, was too long and there were too many excercises I couldn’t really do. I am going to look for a genuine beginners class. I am wondering if tai chi would be better for me?

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Hello @jackiem95

You mentioned Tai Chi and I'm a big fan! It really does help with the aging process and reduces tension, increases range of motion and is good for balance as well.

If you look on Youtube you will see some very short, simple Tai Chi programs. You can of course become involved in more formal classes and/or use DVDs at home. However, these Youtube videos will give you some idea of what Tai Chi is like and if you try some of these you might know for sure if you enjoy it. I would also like to invite @lioness and @parus to this conversation, as they might have some helpful things to say about their experience with Tai Chi.

Here are some links to Youtube videos for beginners:


@jackiem95 Hi Lioness here Till chi after doing for 3days has helped my lower back and burny pain in my thighs I'm so grateful to @hopeful33250 for suggesting them They are easy to do and relaxing ,try them


I am grateful for Tai Chi my back feels much better and pain in thighs are gone


I have also heard that yoga us very good for IBS. Because I have been in two bad accidents involving 3 broken vertebrae, a head injury, my pelvis broken in 2 places and a broken tailbone, I am hesitant to try a class. I have been trying to find a teacher to give private instruction. That way the class will absolutely be at my pace. Also, a very small class might work for me. Maybe one of these options will fit for you?

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