Yersinia enterocolitica

Posted by junipergin @juniperjgin, May 22 10:04pm

I received a call from the Department of Health before I had lab results or heard from my physician. The labs were for my GI team, due to my recent diagnosis of IBD-UC.
I remembered to ask the next nice lady on the phone, from the CDC, for the spelling.

Clostridium Difficile, Kidney abscesses, galloping pneumonia, an abdominal hematoma full of staphylococcus aureus-I have suffered many strange infections and survived rare conditions but this is new!

The diarrhea was already a chronic problem due to the IBD colitis, but I had wondered what possible autoimmune disorder was “flaring” to cause such extreme fatigue, fever, night sweats and muscle weakness. The abdominal pain had been worse too, now that I consider the last weeks.
Like usual, I was down on myself daily for not being able to hang in there longer and accomplish more.

So, in spite of my current confusion, a few things actually make more sense now.
But this is bizarre and baffling.

Has anyone dealt with this infection?
How long did it really take to recover?
Please tell me anything that might help me.
(The information online isn’t really very helpful. I am 52, not an infant, and have no idea where this came from.)

Thank you!

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