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Yeast infections

Posted by @grounded4lifek, Mar 18, 2013

I already had medication this past Friday for my yeast infection … But is Monday and still feel the itch and a little bit of the burning., I had read many articles about the subject but still I have to get more information about it … Should I buy another remedy? I don’t have. Doc either .
Thank you

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Posted by @anon85954006, Mar 19, 2013

Drink a lot of water .. It takes awhile for meds to cure.., rest assure its gone but continue drinkn water!!


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Posted by @grounded4lifek, Mar 21, 2013

Thank you so much for replying and taking the time 🙂


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Posted by @carollynne, Sep 14, 2013

Doctor needed to prescribe penicillin. Don’t think there are any over the counter cures for yeast infections. Don’t mess around with this. Go to
Planned Parenthood Clinic and they will help you.

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