Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis

Posted by MLeeB @MLeeB, Mar 21, 2016

Would like to hear from people that have gone thru or going thru temporal artritis. I am now going on my 5 month after being diagnosed. It is getting better but very slowly. Is this normal?

Normal oh yes! I have been dealing with this for several years . Prednisone has been with me for many years now . unfortunately it s the only medicine that really helps .

It s a real mysterious disease. frustration for sure .
At least it s not a disease that totally takes
Us down from all
Life s activities . Good luck and hope it goes in remission soon


@bt56 Are you still taking Actemra? Has it helped?
I am a diabetic who just had my 4th injection and have high hopes it will help lower the prednisone dosage because it has elevated my blood glucose test results to dangerous levels. I could use some good news.

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@bt56 I am still taking Actemra; I will have my 12th weekly injection on 5/22. It is helping. Especially since my endocrinologist gradually increased the dosage of Glimepiride – the third diabetic medication I take in addition to Metformin & Januvia – from 1 to 4 mg. daily. My blood glucose test results have improved. Glimepiride can cause low blood glucose, so you need to be diligent about your testing and length of time between meals and make sure you have Glucose Tablets available. Since my January diagnosis, my Prednisone dosage has gone from 40 to 60 to 50 and is back to 40 now.

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