Worse Neuropathy After EMG Test?

Posted by joslyn @joslyn, Jan 8 5:55pm

I had an EMG test done four days ago, and my neuropathy pain has been MUCH MUCH worse the last three days. Anyone else? Suddenly, none of my creams, meds, and devices work to reduce the burning and tingling. What can I do???

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Sorry to hear that. My EMG did not cause any increase in pain. I don’t understand the connection. Maybe research it on line!


Hi – I had one last week just to my left arm (because neuro overlooked doing that arm when he did other 3 limbs last year) Anyway, I did have increased neuropathy pain for 1 day, but it subsided, as with similar times with 6 other EMG’s over 5 years. I realize I am just one data point, and a purpose of this site is to learn from others, whether from their experience or their research, to see if it might be helpful for others. Last week somebody posted the benefit they got from emu oil. I had some, so decided to try it this week, and I feel it gave me quick relief! I plan to use it again if confronted with exceptional need, as I’m hoping for relief each time I use it and don’t want to get numb from the benefits.


I've had to EMG/NCS tests and did not notice any change in symptoms afterward.

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