Working with insurance companies to obtain IVIG treatment

Posted by Maveric09 @maveric09, Jun 22, 2022


My neurologist has recommended IVIG treatment to treat my Small Fiber Neuropathy and associated dysautonomia. The challenge I'm having is my insurance company is denying treatment as IVIG isn't FDA approved to treat Small Fiber Neuropathy; thus, it's categorized as experimental treatment and not a covered treatment. My neurologist has submitted multiple appeals to know effect. Does anyone know if is there anything else I can do? Would lobbying politicians or calling my state health department help? Are there trials I can enroll in? Thanks for your support. It is maddening that there's a treatment that shows so much promise to treat Small Fiber Neuropathy yet insurance companies still deny coverage.

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I could only find one related clinical trial but it has been suspended –

I would keep doing research and learning as much as you can about your condition and available treatment options.

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