work and UTI

Posted by alexi @alexi, Mar 27, 2020

I just need a doctor to verify that I am ok to work whilst being treated for a UTI. My clinic suddenly closed.

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Please, a nurse, or anybody, my work won't let me come back in this madness even though we are essential. Thay apparently do not understand UTI and I have no regular doctor/health insurance/clinic as I use a walk-in when in need-HELP!!!


@alexi We are not medical doctors here on Mayo Connect. We are fellow patients/caregivers/family members who offer our support and share our experiences on our health journeys.

You will have to get documentation from the health facility you used for treating your UTI. If they are closed down like you say, are they part of a larger medical facility, that you can contact and get the paperwork you need?


@alexi Why does your work even know that you have a UTI? It's too bad that they know since that is not something that can be transmitted in a work situation. I think you need to do as @gingerw suggests though, and go to the larger medical facility that the clinic is a part of. Hopefully, they will be able to give you a clearance without too much red tape.


Georgia/Australia — My dear call your GP or specialist and ask for the I D Specialist at the hospital. (Infectious Disease) I had UTI's and was running out of Antibiotics. It seems that doctors and emergency just pick the one named on the current Blood or urine test. they are not thinking "long term". The ID guy will find the "taylor-make" antibiotic that will cover the broadest range of possible UTI bacteria. I went from using one or two over and over –to one that "did it all". I can't name it as it was mine. But do esquire. Love him, make him you best friend.


Hi Alexi from Georgia in Australia.. Yes, go see a GP. If you are NEW AT UTIs. Write a list of questions you want to know. (Sometimes the GP will just give your a "standard answer" that misses a lot of points ) It is not "rocket science" to handle a UTI. ?? (Leave the rockets to Elon Musk !!!)

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