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Women's Hairloss

Posted by @nadine11 in Women's Health, Jul 6, 2012

I went through 3 rounds of IVF ( invitro fertilization) 7 years ago. Since then my hair has been falling out. I have now lost over 50% of my hair and what hair remains is frizzy, thin and different lengths. Has anyone had a similar experience with IVF? I am very upset most days about how my hair looks and I have lost my self esteem. Are there any women out there who are loosing there hair and are also struggling with their self esteem and/or self confidence?

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Posted by @nadine11, Jul 6, 2012

Sorry for typos. Not loosing, meant losing....


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

LOL, I do a lot of typos. The wonderful thing about it is no one on here has embarrassed me by calling me on it. Thanks fNadine for the info on the THS. I may get my dr to run one for me when I get insurance. My H will have insurance at work in Aug. Smiles to you. Gerri


Posted by @jane61, Sep 21, 2012

Have you seen any hair growth since you started? I hope you are having success. I want to start, but will wait till I hear about your results. Good luck!


Posted by @pamegannp, Mar 18, 2013

Have you tried taking vitamin D3 supplements?

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Posted by @annamariacarla, Jul 8, 2012

Take a Simple TSH test to rule out thyroid disease hair loss emotional distress could indicate thyroid troubles have it checked out good luck Anna


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 8, 2012

I am getting bald spots on my crown, round like wear a cap. I have long hair so I wear it up sometimes to hide the bald spots. I tried Rogain for a while and it was helping (seemingly) but the costs set me back. I am told it may be stress or an underactive thyroid. Due to finances, I can't see a doctor. My Herbalist (very cheap) will be working with me after she does a liver clease where i was poisoned by Formaldahyde from a new mobile home and then 3 years later my husband buys a new double wide (poisoned all over again). She also does hair analysis so I guess I will let her try to help me there if she can help me with the severe allergic reactions from formaldahyde posioning. I think with me it is stress ( have anxiety attacks) and an underactive thyroid. I asked my doctor once if he would give me a test for underactive thyroid and he dismissed it. By the way, does your hair have elastictivity. I can take a hair and pull it out and try to "stretch it, healthy hair will stretch before it breaks, but my won't stretch, it immediately breaks. My hair falls out terrible and will not regrow. Maybe yu should try an herbalist or a homeopathic consultant. A homeopathis doctor is way to expensive, unless you are a wealthy person. However, a consultant is very inexpensive. Mne only carged 45.00 for the consultation and she put me on a liver cleanser (3 different herbs) for 6 months to a year. I just pray it works. God bless and let me know if you get help.


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

http://www.natural andsee Hair Essentials. They swear by their product. Well, we will see. I am on my second bottle. 50$ plus a month, OUCH, but it is guaranteed to work work by the 3rd. month. We'll see!! I'lll let you know. Gerri


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

That web site didn't go right. here goes again. I think I hit the shift when I was not supposed to. Ok, there we go. HAIR ESSENTIALS-take 3 a day by 90 days will see results. I'm on my 60 days now. Gerri

Posted by Anonymous-fad04c11, Dec 18, 2012

New research seems to indicate that this may be a byproduct of a defective vitamin D receptor in the skin cells. Basically, vitamin D deficiency may be a cause of alopecia (premature hair loss in men and women). Here's the study:

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