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Posted by annsnow @annsnow, May 19, 2018

ive been diagnosed of wilsons desease for 8 years now. lately my abdominal is expanding due to organs swelling. i just need to know if anybody is suffering the same or if you know anybody that had been diagnosed of a wilsons desease. i would love to chat to comfort me and you as well. so we will be aware of the prognosis of this desease … thank you ANN L


@annsnow Hi, Ann. I don't know a thing about Wilson's disease, except that I once dated a girl named …. Oh, forget that. Anyway. Does any Pharmaceutical company make a medicine you and your doctor think you need? If so, contact that company directly together. Look on their web site to see who in the company handles their clinical trials of that med, and ESPECIALLY any "EXPANDED Access" program for that med. Then talk to that person with your doctor, and see if that company can help you with what you need. It is an old practice, but a new law that makes it very helpful. The The Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARCI.org) and NIH have a good webinar available to explain just that program. Tell Them I sent you. https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8

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@Sorry, I seem to be losing it. I meant Baskin Palmer in Miami as vs The Mayo Clinic. No need to respond. I do appreciate your answer and I do pray for you. Sincerely, Peach414144

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