Will omicron make long covid symptoms worse?

Posted by greg1234 @greg1234, Feb 7, 2022

I am in 6th month of long covid. I am worried about getting omicron, especially if it might make the existing long covid symptoms worse. Current thinking that long covid might be an autoimmune response makes me worried about pouring gasoline on the fire with omicron. Has anyone read any information about this? Thanks!

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Have you tried Ozone therapy?

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No. Will look into it. Thx. You are wonderful to make the suggestion.


It was the Omicron Variant I got last Novemer1st and was very ill despite having had 5 COVID boosters [vaccine] The Omicron virus is stronger and more easy to transmit. Without all the vaccines I would likely have died. A person can get COVID more than once. I was put on PAXLOVID one of the 3 meds they have for this disease. Please realize this disease will still be around for a very long time. Continue to wear a mask in your outing! Wash hands frequently, do not touch your face unless hands are freshly washed.
If you get it again ask your MD for a script of an antiviral like Paxlovid.
Once I get something, as in a disease, I investigate how to understand it , see my MD and if he is not knowledgeable in it I ask for a referral to a specialist who does know. Then if the disease or 'fall-out ' is part of what I got --I look at my resources to help me, then I deal with my interior mind to accept what I have got and work around it. Without acceptance, we get more body inflammation that works against us ever getting better.
We will get better. Falling apart may be part of what we do ---I felt like that too. Then we have to pull ourselves together and keep positive thoughts. We need to reduce the inflammation in our body. As it reduces by our not being down about it --we will get better.
If we have a preexisting disease or condition, like arthritis or any other, then we already have inflammation in our body ---so--makes it more important to put or brain in gear and heal our body by reducing the inflammation. We will be better~~~ Believe.

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Thank you it helps knowing I am not alone with this. This is a lot rougher than I thought it would be like pacing myself with doing things, I am so used to starting a project and keep at it til I am done but I know I can't anymore or I pay for it. I guess it is really a matter of taking better care of myself and my health 😊


I am so sorry you are going through all that.

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