Why was I bleeding while masterbating?

Posted by texasgirl771 @texasgirl771, Nov 26, 2023

Hi everyone,
I know this is pretty embarrassing for me to say on here, but I have no one else to ask about this. I was using my vibrator and I noticed that I was bleeding. I went into the bathroom and when I whipped my area I noticed the blood was a very faint pink. Should I be concerned? Please let me know. Thank you.

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texasgirl771 @texasgirl771

If you have been used vibrator for a while and this is new symptom, you may have small tear that starts to bleed when irritated. If as simple as that, stop using vibrator for a while and see if heals.

Are you using a lubrication? Did you change brand? Maybe it is irritating the lining.

If continues, you should follow up with primary or gynecologist to make sure there is not another reason.



Not sure what texture vibrator you have, but some are not smooth and have a slight abrasiveness, imo. That’s why I prefer smooth surface.

I’m not sure what I’d do if I had that happen. l’d probably ask my doctor about it. No need for embarrassment. Self care is very important, imo. I think that’s important whether or not you are with a partner.
Any chance it’s early period?

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