Why can’t I stay on Prednisone? Current conditions, ITP, Diabetes IDDM

Posted by denisem20 @denisem20, Apr 5, 2023

I’d like to know why I can’t stay on prednisone forever to keep my platelets up? I have ITP and Diabetes IDDM along with other conditions.

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@denisem20 Prednisone can feel like a wonder drug for quickly reducing certain symptoms such as neuropathy, joint pains and basically inflammation in the body. In your case it’s helping to raise your platelet level. However, long term, higher doses of prednisone can create some potentially dangerous side effects.

One of them is raising blood sugar levels, which would be critical because you have insulin dependent diabetes.
I’ve listed several informational articles below for you to read. They explain the use of steroids and the litany potential of side effects.


Has your doctor discussed other options for you?

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