Why a normal Blood urea is included in CURB65

Posted by abid @abid, Mar 16 4:16pm

Why a normal Blood urea is included for assessing the severity of community acquired pneumonia in CURB65? thanks

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@abid I am not sure whether you mean why patient's Blood Urea (BUN) measurement is included, or whether a normal BUN was entered even though not measured?

In the first case, the CURB65 measure is one tool used in deciding whether to hospitalize a pneumonia patient or treat at home. It measures Confusion (indicates likelihood of ability to self-treat and report changes) Urea (may indicate decline in kidney function) Respiration (indicator of respiratory distress) and Blood Pressure (low BP may indicate dehydration) and Age (over 65 = 1 point). Each measure outside of normal range adds one point. Hospitalization is recommended at a score of 2 or higher.

In the latter case, if there is no current BUN score, the model imputes a normal score.

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