White/Yellow spots in throat

Posted by dillonb @dillonb, Feb 13, 2021

I've had these white/yellow spots in the back of my throat for around a week. There's no pain in my throat, it just feels weird swallowing sometimes. There are also white patches in the back corners of my mouth. Attached is a picture of it and a close up of the same picture.

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Hello just noticed your post … am sorry have no idea what this could be but am sure someone will have some ideas…. I would suggest seeking medical advice as from my search on Internet could be many things: do you have a regular dentist, they often are trained to diagnose oral conditions as well as teeth; or your doctor, clinic or emerge clinic? Perhaps a good idea to check into soon and I hope you get results that show something which is easily treatable (such as Thrush)…best of luck dear. J.


Yes yes Google suggests tonsil stones which might need antibiotics antihistamine or they may just go away by themselves


Oh I had tonsil stones and they were like small pure white – like a tiny piece of cottage cheese, pressed into back of throat and had very bad smell when removed with q-tip… so am going to have another look on Dr.Google…..J.


@lacy2 Welcome to connect we all try to help with same ailments I have those white yellow spots in my mouth also my lower gum inside very painful My Dr sent me to a ENT he said they where coming from my teeth ,so made appt with a Dentist to see what he says .Good luck try a ENT if you aren't getting any satisfaction from others

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