White/Pale yellow discharge [not pregnant]

Posted by leosia @leosia, May 13, 2021

Is this normal vaginal discharge?

I went through a series of infections recently and at this point I completely lost my ability to discern what is normal.

Currently have no other symptoms. Some healing still occurring from my last thrush (which caused fissured) but currently everything is feeling good and I have no itching or irritation of anything like that.

With doctors appointments being over the phone now I’m worried I’d get prescribed thrush treatment again but i think this could actually possibly just be normal? I’ve been recently tested for STDs and its all been negative.

I’m on CD28 and should get my period in a day or two.

Apologies if this is tmi. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, @leosia and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Mayo Connect is a community of non-medical professionals so we can’t diagnose health problems. However, we can rely on our own personal experiences and valuable insights to help other members.

You’ve certainly had a time of it lately. Thrush or yeast infections are awful to deal with and hard to cure. But it sounds like you’re on the right track and it’s under control. I can certainly understand not wanting to go back on treatment for thrush again if you don’t need to do so.

Vaginal discharge is normal and varies through the month dependent on hormonal changes.
I’m posting 2 sites below which have great descriptions of a monthly discharge corresponding with the days of the menstrual cycle. I hope you find the information helpful.


Hi @leosia, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can understand your concern given that you've had a series of infections. This article might help give you some guidance.
– A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322232

However, nothing can replace a medical examination. Given that you're still healing from thrush, I would recommend seeing your doctor. Is it possible to get an in-person appointment?

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