white ulcer looking spot in the back of my daughter's throat

Posted by asefiazi @asefiazi, Aug 12, 2022

About two months ago my daughter had what she thinks an 8mm fish bone stuck in her throat. she visited the emergency and the ENT Dr. performed an endoscopy and found a white spot and mentioned it can take many weeks to heal. Since then my daughter had inflamed throat, and difficulty swallowing and scratchy throat.
She has been on anti acid, she was given anti biotics amaxicllin with no impact. upper GI endoscopy done and biopsy taken, nothing wrong with esophagus and stomach. CT scan of neck nothing observed.
multiple endoscopies of her throat and the ulcer or what spot is still there. the next recommendation is for a larynx specialist to do biopsy of the ulcer or the white looking spot in her throat but that is almost a month away.
I am very concerned and would appreciate if folks who have gone through something similat or professionals in the field help me understand what this might be. what other things we can look at. the ENT specialist cannot figure this out.

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@asefiazi, I can imagine that you are very concerned for your daughter and particularly worried due to the wait time until the next appointment.

@anthonymg and @jenniferhunter had a detailed discussion here that may be of interest to you:
– Possible permanent epiglottic damage from allergies or bacteria https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/possible-permanent-epiglottic-damage-from-allergies-or-bacteria/

From the title, it may not seem related, but Anthony also had throat issues that possibly stemmed from a lobster bone. Jennifer had good counsel to offer on questions to ask your doctor and possible considerations to explore.


Make them figure it out. My husband had that after his Radiation treatments for cancer of his Larynx last year. kept complaining of this Pain for months! finally after having to go to the ER because he could not breathe. They had to put a Trach in so he could breathe!! And LOW & BEHOLD he had a bacterial infection on his left side. Necrosis, he is still trying to heal from it so we can get this Trach reversed. Best of luck! also all those tests your daughter did, we did also. And they found nothing but knew there was a white remaining spot on the back of his throat.


I am currently going through something called necrotizing sialometaplasia. I have it in my nasal cavity, diagnosed by biopsy. Maybe read up on it a little bit. I believe it can be caused by trauma and sounds like it is often misdiagnosed.
Best of luck!

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