Which is better for neuropathy foot pain DRG or Nevro HFX?

Posted by dbaps @dbaps, Jan 2 6:17pm

I do not have any back or leg pain. I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy foot pain. Which do you think is better for this type of pain, DRG or Nevro HFX?

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I'm on a 12mcg fentanyl patch for pain in the bottoms of both feet. My doctor wants me to try the Nevro HFX SCS. I would like to know my chances for being able to no longer need fentanyl if I get the Nevro HFX SCS?


@dbaps, welcome. I moved your questions about the effectiveness of a spinal cord stimulator for neuropathic pain, especially in the feet to the Neuropathy support group.

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The spine surgeon from Columbia Presbyterian in New York who implanted my Boston Scientific nerve stimulator indicated that it would not treat peripheral neuropathy but should be effective for nerve pain. In my case, I also have a Morton's neuroma. I have not found it to be particularly effective for either condition

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