Whether or not to treat epstein barr symptoms

Posted by lakeviewguy @lakeviewguy, Apr 3, 2019

Hello, I am interested if anyone has perspectives to share on how to manage…. I am a 49 year old male who is in excellent shape and started experiencing extreme fatigue 7 months ago, after a terrible cold that lasted a month. In addition to the fatigue I was having asthma like symptoms, chest pressure, pounding heart feeling and mental fog/clarity/confusion issues. A round of oral steriods knocked the symptoms out but they quickly returned once off the prednisone. Specialist visits, blood tests, tests, MRIs etc let me know what I didnt have (no cardiac issues, no asthma, no MS, etc), but no clarity on what was happening. Finally, 3 months in, in my third round of blood work I tested positive for active EBV infection (it didnt show up in the prior 2 tests but my PCP that EBV could be the cause so he kept retesting). I have found that Symbicort, which I was given early on for the potential asthma, makes my symptoms much more manageable. I am still extremely fatigued, requiring 9+ hours of sleep plus a 30-90 minute nap everyday between 2-5pm, depending on my level of activity (I know its time to sleep as my head “buzzes” and I get a sore throat), but I can work at my job, live life and do some level of light excercise-swimming for 15 mins, occasionally. Without the Symbicort I am non-functioning, unable to work / live daily life due to lack of mental sharpness and other symptoms. PCP says the small amount of steroids in Symbicort may be helping me address the inflammation and associated symptoms. I am concerned that by masking the symptoms I may be pushing myself too much, postponing actually getting better but I’m concerned about losing job, being non-functioning for my wife/kids if I just go off of it. Even missing one dose creates a dead zone in my day. I have adjusted my diet (no alcohol, caffeine, eggs, daily, gluten) to try to improve immune system etc but curious if others have better ideas given the circumstances. PCP says to just wait it out and should be gone after 12 months. Thanks for any thoughts.

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I take an anti-viral supplement.. I know supplements may generally be regarded as worthless but I find this one to lessen my symptoms, and when I start to feel fatigued and worried that the symptoms may be returning I start taking it immediately. The ingredient that is most active against EBV is Isatis. It's a Chinese Herb. As an aside….I have a cat with recurrent ocular herpes that I was treating w/ Zovirax. In desperation I went to a holistic vet and he prescribed this herb and it knocked it out in 48 hours. Previous results were 21-28 days w/ Zovirax (pharmaceutical anti-viral). The next ingredient that's helpful agains viruses in the herpes family is Lysine.

I started seeing a Naturopath since I was getting nowhere w/ my MD and he had me start on the supplement and I found it interesting (and hopeful) that it contained the same herb that I'd had results with for my cat (no placebo affect with a cat!). Don't know if it would help you since I'm not a MD or ND but you might research Isatis and give it a shot. My ND sells his own formulation called AV Plus. You can google him ( Dr Leu) in Oklahoma.

By the time I started taking it I was several months into feeling terrible and I can't recall how long it took for me to get results. I do remember that the ND based on my bloodwork had me take an amount pertinent to my condition. When I notice the benefit now is when I feel like I might be getting run down and subject to a recurrence I take it immediately and so far the virus hasn't recurred.

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