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Posted by giproblems78 @giproblems78, Jan 7, 2021

I have been seeing the same gastroenterologist for 10 years. I have been diagnosed with Gastritis, Pancreatitis, IBS-c, I have had numerous other problems throughout the years, esophagus, diverticulitis, c-diff. I have been on every medication for Acid reflux pills, Linzess, Dicyclomine, Carofate, etc. All the diets, I'm no stranger to the lifestyle of digestive management. That being said, this year has been one of the worst I have ever been through. With Covid, everything was pushed back, and it was video visits. I had 2 edg's and colonoscopies since June. I was continuing to get worse and worse. Extreme nausea, vomiting, bloating, just very sick all the time. I still am. It's actually a lot worse.
So, my GI sends me to the surgeon. He orders tests. My esophagus tests were fine. But my gastric emptying test showed delay. They only told me that they would wait until all the tests were done. I got a message today that I have to deal with GI. No one called or explained that I now have Gastroparesis. I have been very upset with them because none of my medications I have been on for years are working for anything at all. I am dealing with all my other symptoms from all of my other conditions now too. My entire system is continuously acting up. I haven't been able to eat now at all until I absolutely have to. Even drinking water makes me sick. No one is contacting me about how to treat this. I haven't gotten any details about the results of the gastric emptying test from the 11th of December. I weighed 150.lbs on November 24th when I was in emergency and my scale reads 130 lbs. now. I'm being treated like a problem patient because I want answers and help. I don't live a life anymore. I am so sick all the time and I have no clue where to turn to. Can anyone give me some advice?

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Hi everyone, sorry for the late response. Since my last post, I've had a gastric stimulator put in. My nausea has gone down some. It's better, but I still have really bad days yet. I'm also dealing with issues regarding my IBS and a narrowing of my colon. I see a new gi doctor in August. I will probably need to get a pyloroplasty done next year for the gastroparesis. No medication will work because of how bad the disease is, so it's all surgical from this point.
Thank you for all of your input and experiences. It's very lonely being sick. I feel a lot better knowing others understand!

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