When will I feel like myself again?

Posted by jkenser @jkenser, Feb 9, 2017

Hello everyone. 6 weeks ago I had a brain surgery to remove a tumor out of my right temporal lobe. They were able to remove the entire tumor (thank the good Lord). I have never had any surgery so I am unsure how I should be feeling. I still feel as though I am walking around in a fog, I am tired and just do not feel 100% like myself. I am also having pretty bad anxiety and am not sleeping well. I am a registered nurse and am also a full time student pursuing my doctoral degree for family nurse practitioner. I have been able to keep up with classwork and have postponed clinical until the first week in March. Well March is coming quick. I am supposed to go back to work on February 20th and then clinical starts 2 weeks after, but I still feel so foggy. I do not know if the fog is from the surgery or from my anxiety. Some days I just want to cry. I am able to start driving again tomorrow which for some reason scares me. Ugh, I just want to feel like myself again. I want my life back! I know I am so very blessed and I should really focus on all of my blessing. My surgery was a success and my tumor was a grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma (Thank you Jesus). I just find myself so scared still. If anyone can shed some light on how long I will feel like this that would be great. I know we are all different, and no 2 surgeries are the same. I will keep praying for 100% healing, as I know my Lord will not fail me. Maybe I just need to be patient as it has only been 6 weeks? Although, 6 weeks seems like such a long time.

“I was different now because you can’t go through a fight for your life and not be different”.
My boyfriend went thru brain tumor surgery. he told Dr. ” I want to take my kids on 1 last vacation” The Dr. later said why was he thinking it will be his Last?
Surgery a success.
Then he went into a deeep depression.
That brain surgent said that when patients think they r going to die, then don’t, they get depressed. He even had a psychologist who he recommended cause this was so common.
My friend did not go –
we wound up breaking up (after 10 yrs.) – darn, he was the best man I ever had.
I wish u well.

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