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When is does my drinking turn into an addiction?

Posted by @baumerz86, Nov 8, 2012

Life has been going downhill and alcohol eases the pain .I’m young and don’t think myself an alcoholic.When do I know I’ve gone too far? I love to go out and it takes my mind off whats going on day to day… and loss of loved ones. But I’m hurting anyone but friends say I need help… How do I know if my drinking is an addiction? or if I need help?



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Posted by @jerc15, Nov 8, 2012

I think I can relate to what you’re describing. I too am finding more comfort in alcohol these days. The loss of my parents in 2002, and most recently my oldest son, has definitely taken my drinking from “social” to “crutch”. I’ve just recently started to realize that I may be started on a downward spiral. I’m pretty sure that if alcohol is used to ease emotional pain, it’s a problem. It’s obviously not the healthiest way to deal with our pain, and because it’s so addicting can very quickly lead to an addiction issue. I would suggest that if you’re questioning whether or not you need help, it’s time to seek out a professional who can assess your situation. Best wishes to you…..hopefully we’ll both make the right choice.

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Posted by @nosaabin, Nov 10, 2012

No one but ou can actually decide if you are an alcoholic. It’s an addiction when you start suffering consequences as a result of the drinking. This can be legal problems (DUI,etc.) or personal and work relationships. Basically, when your life is unmanageable. If you are really concerned, go to a few AA meetings. Just listen. You may find your answer there.

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Posted by @wargirlb4, Nov 14, 2012

In my case, I knew I might be drinking too much the day I looked at the beer in my hand and realized that’s all I was getting accomplished, and that I was beginning to love it too much. I quit for awhile, gathered me together, and now I can drink one and don’t want any more. An alcoholic boyfriend (now an ex, and no longer living) used to tell me how ”lucky” I was. I guess I was, because I quit without too much trouble. Not saying I didn’t long for that ”high” from a few drinks, but there are other ways to feel good that doesn’t cause a hang over the next morning! And at my age now, a good drunk would probably kill me now!


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Posted by @anon15795387, Nov 18, 2012

There are ways to qualify whether you may be addicted to alcohol. Do you drink daily? Do you drink to get high? Do you miss work due to drinking? Does drinking interfere with normal life activities? Are your relationships with others suffering due to your drinking? Do you obsess about drinking? Do you drink alone? Do you worry if you don’t have access to alcohol?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to inquire further with a counselor or someone from a local AA group. Both should be anonymous ways to help you come to greater clarity about your alcohol use and/or abuse.


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Posted by @hope3, Nov 29, 2012

For me when drinking gave me a emotional break from the pain and distress of life I reakized it was an addiction I was numbing myself to just get by another day. Another weekend. I wasnt really living I was barely surviving. I could do anything at wok cause I knew I was drinking when I got off. To me that is addiction, it was on my mind more then it wasnt.

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