When does a surgery become a medical malpractice?

Posted by metermaidman @metermaidman, Nov 26, 2021

Since I had cataract surgery on July 31, 2021 I`ve had vision problems with my eye.
I have seen several different specialists and no one can tell me what I might expect or when my vision will be anywhere near normal. Keep taking these drops and come back in a month is all I hear. I`m tired and stressed out. I`ve found out that the new lens was not put into the capsular bag but in the sulcus. Why, I asked one of the specialist I saw and her answer was because the capsular bag was torn. My thoughts are the bag was torn during surgery, because my vision before the surgery was, maybe not perfect, but was a hell of a lot better than since the surgery. So, is my next step to talk with a lawyer?

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I anxiously await answers. I had cataract surgery December 2020 and it has left me so light sensitive I can not read normal print and driving is limited to short trips.I have to close my shades during sunny days or I am blinded if I happen to encounter the sun coming in. I wish I had not had the surgery. Since I had Covid last month, it is worse!


How awful for you! Where I live, to get the best specialists possible, I'd need to drive two hours or so to the San Francisco area, such as Stanford University or the University of San Francisco. I don't know what type of specialist you've been seeing, but you're not getting helpful answers. it certainly appears that you need to find out what's going on and why, and what to do about it. It may be appropriate to see an attorney in the future, but right now it seems you need a diagnosis and a plan. Several ophthalmologists where I live call themselves "specialists," but they have very poor reputations and apparently quite poor results. Good luck to you.


I have had eye problems since May 2021, starting with poor peripheral vision due to drooping lids. I had a vision test days before the surgery and immediately after the lid surgery my right eye was so bad it couldn’t be corrected with lenses. Both the doctor who did it and the optometrist who evaluated me before and after confirmed it. I was then diagnosed with cataracts and had that surgery. My right eye is bad enough after healing for 1 month that it is being evaluated as 20/50. My left is 20/20. Nobody has explained why. Now I’m having another lid surgery to correct the mess made with the lid of my right eye and to a lesser degree my left eye. My right eye hangs down further than before. It is heavy and the eye aches. I’m very light sensitive and colors are greatly washed out. I can’t tell the difference in many dark colors. I don’t know where this is going. I keep hoping for success with some of it if not all. I’m going to request the surgical report from my first surgery and see what was done and why my vision is so much worse.

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