What to do when you get your first yeast infection?

Posted by geo18 @geo18, Apr 5, 2023

It started on Monday when I started getting a pelvic pain then it went to itchiness in my vagina and it sometimes burns as well but not while peeing at some points, should I get it checked with a doctor ASAP or wait for my doctors appointment it is on 04/19/23 it’s in two weeks but I also forgot I bought probiotic pills, I also read that it helps with that type of infection.

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@geo18 I have had many yeast infections over the years and some of the medications I was prescribed are now available over the counter. If I were you I’d want a medical provider to see me. Can you call your doctor's office and ask to be seen earlier? Or can you message your doctor on a patient portal and ask for your doctor’s opinion on what to do?

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