What Supplements Should an octogenarian male with aake?

Posted by Gene Ames, Jr. @gamesjr, Sep 13, 2018

I am asking for reccomendations of the size or strength of certain vitamins and Supplements I should take. Any comments on the following, Vitamin C xxx? mg day. ;Vitamin B-12, 5000? mg sublimal/day; Vitamin D-3 3000 (?) mg.; I take 2 Cooper Clinic Fish oil per day which is the dosage recc. by Cooper. Does an octogerian male with asymptomatic AFIB in good health otherwise need cacium or magnesium?

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Hi @gamesjr. Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm an octogenarian plus 3 and take a few supplements, but only after clearing them (and adjusting their dosages) with my personal care physician. Here are my daily dosages:
Vitamin C 500mg, Vitamin B complex (8 Bs including 15 micrograms B12), Vitamin D3 1000IU, Fish Oil 1400mg including 650mg EPA and 250mg DHA, Ubiquinol 100 mg, Glucosamine 1500mg. I get my Magnesium from almond butter. Calcium (35mg) is in my B-complex pills, a small dose allowing my Vitamin D and my parathyroid hormone control that. I too have A-fib and take 5mg of Coumadin to prevent it from producing blood clots in my heart.
Have you had a discussion with your doctor about how your supplements interact with your medications and your diet?


Martin Thanks. Very good info. I will talk to my PCP. Appreciate learning about your Vitamin C and Ubiquinol, etc.

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