What is this rash on my arms?

Posted by mynameizj @mynameizj, Jul 25, 2019

Hello, my name is Joshua.
I have this rash of small bumps on my arms, mostly the forearm near my elbow, on my forearms and hands. It does NOT itch or hurt or burn or bother me at all. But it is very visible, and is not going away or getting any better. They are usually white or red, often appear to be fluid/puss, but are pretty tiny. I really dont believe it's from any skin products, as I dont use any besides hypoallergenic dove soap and sometimes a hypoallergenic lotion. Does anyone have any ideas as to what these bumps are and/what may be causing it?

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Hello @mynameizj and welcome to Mayo Connect!

As you may know already, this is a patient-to-patient support group. Therefore, we can't provide a diagnosis or recommend treatments, we can only share our experiences with others.

My first thought is have you had any changes in your environment, either at work or at home that might cause an allergic reaction such as this? Have you had any changes in meds, laundry detergents, etc., recently? How is your general health?

If you have not yet seen a doctor, I would certainly recommend that you seek the advice of your personal physician.

Will you post again and let me know how you are doing with the process of seeking an answer?


Most of us with eczema have itching, burning and pain. I know your papuales are unsightly and that is embarrassing and worrisome, but you need to count your blessing as most of us feel miserable with our rashes. See a doctor like Teresa recommended but make sure it is a dermatologist.

Also go to dermnetnz.org. They have a robust skin site covering multiple forms of skin diseases and just as you sent in good photos to help aid with your diagnosis, they also have good photos for you to compare to your rash. I have 3 forms of eczema and because of this site was able to self diagnosis one of my forms acutely, then I took that information into my dermatologist who was treating it incorrectly believing it to be a different form of eczema.
The fact it is not itchy or painful is a good clue, look for that in the list of symptoms for each type of skin disease.

Many of us have control over our symptoms because of our self education and the aid of specialists.


Thank you very much for your replies! I apologize for replying so late.
I will be talking to my doctor about it at my next appointment.
Thank you both again!

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