What is this? Am I ok?

I had an issue after intercourse under the head of my penis it has been only what I can describe as scabbed and I’m scared because every time I touch in the form of masturbating the scab falls and there is raw skin whichever causes pain through t the day by rubbing against my briefs please help. I do t have pain when peeing or blood retreating from it but its like ascabthat won’t heal.

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I think it could be from my female partner being quite dry but idk.


Hello @peaceandlovewithsexy, We are a group of patients and their supporters, not doctors and cannot answer medical questions but we can share our experience. I don't have any experience with the symptoms you have described but I did find some information that might give you some ideas until you can talk to your doctor.

--- Why Is There a Scab on My Penis?: https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/scab-on-penis

How long have you had the scabbing? Have you talked with your doctor about it?


Show this lesion to your Doctor or take a close up picture of it and show to a Doctor. Does the lesion hurt?


Firstly stop masturbating and re-injuring the area. You need to see your GP or a urologists to figure out what you’ve got. Could be an STD or many things and too important to guess at.

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