mucosal thickening left sphenoid air cells. mild mucosal thickening bi

Posted by Tony8888 @mathis82888, Apr 6, 2021

mucosal thickening left sphenoid air cells. mild mucosal thickening bilateral inferior maxillary sinuses

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Hi. I’m not sure if this is a question. Or if you entered this in thinking it was a search.
It looks like you are googling the read out from your sinus CT scan. These are normal readings/findings that do NOT need any type of surgical intervention. If you are trying to ask a question feel free.


That's what ct scan said and I trying to figure out what it means.. I got back to the ENT to discuss


Why did you first seek help from the ENT?
What were your symptoms and what was reason for scan?
Do know that most CT scans on anyone will show mild mucosal thickening. Especially in the maxillary sinuses. That is what the mucosa in the nose is meant to do. On a daily basis. This is a normal response to temperatures, allergens, foods.
A CT scan of the sinuses is just a snap shot in time, of what is occurring on that day at that given time.


@mathis82888 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

Below is a journal article that you may find helpful. It's a bit of a heavy read.

2016" – Evaluation of the Prevalence of Maxillary Sinuses
It looks like you received member responses. May I ask when you are to see your provider to go over results and if you can tell us more? I'd like to clarify the discussions heading and bring other members in that may be able to help.

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