What do you take for non gastric pain BUT you have gastro issues?

Posted by sunshine2023 @sunshine2023, Jul 14 6:23am

Does anyone the currently has digestive issues stay away from taking OTC NASIDS? If given prednisone for a non gastric reasons, does anyone decline that and just take OTC NASIDS? Or is there an alternative you take?

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NASIDS common side effects include stomach pain, heartburn, gas, nausea, bleeding. So it seems common sense to me to not take them and that you’d make your digestive issues worse.
If the recommendation is prednisone for a non gastric issue and you don’t want to take it, ask for an alternative.


Gigi is right, nsaids are great for some things but not really great for your gastrointestinal system.
Depending on what you were prescribed the prednisone for, lung issues, etc, you have to weigh the benefits of not taking it vs the need to take it. Also, a short term RX is pretty easy to get through; if it’s a long term plan, such as for breathing issues after cancer treatment, it might be harder. In any case, you should definitely check with your doctor to see if there is an alternative if you are hesitant to take prednisone.


What’s the reason for the prednisone? It’s usually prescribed for a very specific reason, since it’s such a strong medication. NSAIDs aren’t always as effective or you might need a much larger dose, depending on the condition. The larger the dose, the more the risk of side effects.

As the others said, high doses of NSAIDs are known to cause stomach upset bc they thin the lining of the stomach. Other than nausea, it’s a risk of ulcers and stomach bleeding. But it’s usually ok if it’s smaller doses or for a short time.

Can you talk to your doctor about your concerns and if NSAIDs are an option?


I had a hole in my small intestine from Motrin. Started to bleed out. I no longer take it only Tylenol if needed.


NSAIDs are very over used and over advertised in our nation. Problem is there aren't any safer alternatives. Pain (most of the time) is giving us a valid message that we need to know. And some people have become very senstive to NSAIDs and get gastritis very quickly. Of course, best to find out why you are in pain and fix it. Sadly, we know how easy that is. I think the answers are very individual. But know as much as you can before you choose.


Liquid advil capsules and Liquid aspirin capsules are the only ones that don't upset my stomach cuz the body absorbs it faster…

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