what could this be

Posted by timmy2toes @timmy2toes, Jun 19, 2022

Does anyone recognize this?
Thank you

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Hi @timmy2toes Members of Connect aren’t medical professionals so we can’t diagnose or prescribe medications. But we can use our experiences to help give suggestions or encouragement…sometimes for the right direction.

Is this a recent blemish or something that’s been progressively growing?
If you’ve noticed a change in size and it’s not a bug bite, my suggestion is have your primary care doctor or a dermatologist check it out. If you have concerns about it, go with your gut. I just went through a similar situation. For 3 years I’ve had an area near my ankle that didn’t look right to me. My primary care physician said it was nothing and dismissed me. 3 years later, I just had it checked again, and a new PCP said it was nothing.
But I felt it was behaving oddly and took it upon myself to get a dermatology appointment. I’m glad I did the follow through. Turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma. Slow growing and generally non-lethal but it could have been taken care of 3 years ago had my doctor’s taken a second look.
So if this area changes in size, appearance such a scaling, then scabbing over and healing, only to repeat, make sure you get it checked out. How long have you had this?


6 MONTHS no white just a kind of bump


6 MONTHS no white just a kind of bump

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Anytime we have a obvious change in our skin with a growth or something out of character, it’s a good idea to have a professional check it out.
Since you’ve had this for 6 months, it doesn’t look like it’s going away on its own and you’re concerned enough to inquire about it. So to ease your mind have your doctor or dermatologist check it out. Do you have annual skin exams?

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