What could cause your right eye to feel almost dry for a long period

Posted by desidawn @desidawn, Oct 24, 2023

My right side of my head just in front of my ear and on top of my ear has been feeling strong for awhile now. almost like a stuffiness or congestion feeling around that area. I noticed maybe two weeks ago that the feeling around my temporal area has moved down around my right eye. It feels as if my eye may be dry or fuzzy? It is very hard to explain. Recently I have experienced headaches in that part of my head and it affects my eye when it happens. I am probably not making a lot of sense, but none of this makes sense to me. Does anybody have any thoughts? This eye just never feels right.

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What I have experienced may, or may not be, similar to what is happening to you? I get severe, sharp pains in the R side of my head, at approx the temporal area. The pains are stabbing pains and "grab me". The area becomes raised, which feels like a vein, or something, and after the pains, then the temporal area is very sensitive to touch and hurts for awhile. I had one in front of a Dr, who told me that my eyes were "fluttering" while my head was hurting. I have been dealing with this for some time now, and it is always on the R side [I have rarely had a few on the left side in the past, but no longer]. I told my Mayo Neuro about these and he called them a "headache", which I don't understand, and he didn't elaborate on. They don't feel like a headache, and I told him that. I have a brain aneurysm on the R side, and I know that they are not associated with "symptoms", but it is hard not to wonder if this could be related. I have eye pain, but this is associated with another Dx, so I don't think it is related. So, anyway, I have told you this because it may be similar to what you are experiencing? Or, maybe I have misunderstood? Just wondering.


I think you should take this information and go to your doctor.

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