What biologics treat Crohn’s and what if they fail?

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Dec 29, 2021

My daughter has Crohn’s and has used Entyvio and Stelara and they have not worked. The next choice is Remicade. What if this one doesn’t work? Are there any others? After the biologics, what drugs are used and can the biologics be tried again at a later date?

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She has already tried the heavy hitters. Everyone is different, but I had very little luck with any of them to tell you the truth.

I did have a short run of luck with Humira. Did a great job clearing up my skin issues too.

It may be different for Crohn's, but for UC the biologics are normally the last drugs used, and I've never heard of anyone trying one a second time. That is most likely more about cost than their effectiveness.

What's next after those? Well, for me it was surgery. I had UC though so it's a bit easier since my disease was primarily in my large intestine and rectum. She would have more variables to her decision.

It's a tough decision, but for me it worked out well.

How old is she? How long has she been dealing with this?

I wish her luck with the next med. Hopefully that will be the one.

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