What are the best hospitals/university hospitals for autoimmune?

Posted by ericy210 @ericy210, May 13 8:24pm

Long Covid for two years keeps manifesting itself in autoimmune issues. Are there any well known places for top notch autoimmune treatment? I need someone to review how messed up my autoimmune system is and what to do so it doesn’t destroy me. I’ll fly anywhere and sell beloved guitars to fund it. Thanks

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Personally I don’t think that you can beat The Mayo Clinic’s. I would call Mayo Clinic in Rochester and tell them what is going on with you and go from there. Good luck and God bless.


I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering with long Covid syndrome (LCS). I'm also dealing with this. LCS is finally being appreciated by the clincal community and health care providers as a real and more serious long term effect of Covid infections. The mechanisms behind the development of LCS are multifactorial and have yet to be fully elucidated.

There are a number areas that are being examined such as as its long term effects on neurologic, immunologic systems, mitochondrial function/energetics, and chronic activation of the inflammasome. To date, I am unaware of any effective therapies to address and alleviate these various aspects of LTC, but there are a number of studies on-going that may result in the development of effective therapies.

Would you share a bit more of your health history prior to your initial Covid infection and development of LTC symptoms? Did you have a pre-existing auto-immune disease prior to your Covid infection? Do you currently have active viral disease(s) or a history of viral diseases such as Hepatitis A,B,C, Epstein-Barr (mononucleosis), Herpes, Varicella etc. Have you experienced multiple Covid infections? Did you receive a Covid vaccine and boosters? If so, which brand/type of vaccine(s) and how many booster(s) Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTec etc did you recieve?


Be careful. I went to Mayo 8 years ago for a three month diagnostic tour, and wasted about $10,000 of my own money) on a couple brief conversations and some off-the-cuff conversations, and one small surgical procedure. My fault for not pinning everything down before I went. oldkarl

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Which Mayo? They are not all the same! Mayo in Rochester is rated #1 hospital but Mayo in Jacksonville is rated #50 !

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