We’ve come a long way baby! How grateful are you?

Posted by Chris, Volunteer Mentor @auntieoakley, Aug 6, 2022

In the last 100 years breast cancer treatments have gone from “don’t bother”, to radical mastectomies only, and everyone gets chemo, through many advancements, and now we are at a place where 80% survive to live, and eventually die from something else.
We stand on the shoulders of every researcher, doctor, advocate and every woman who ever heard “you have breast cancer”.
Please share your positive feelings of gratitude for how far we have come. What are you most grateful for?

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I am most grateful for the Wonderful Man who stood with me through all the years he had to give. He died 15 years ago, and life will never be the same, but he left me with wonderful memories and happiness, not sadness and gloom. As we all know, living with a diagnosis of cancer is never quite the same, but it taught me to be greatful for every year I have been given. Not just to hope for another day, but to make today the very best exciting day of my life. Of course, at 92 I have had to slow a little, but life is still sweet, and I embrace it each morning I awake. ANY DAY YOU CAN GET OUT OF BED, IS A GREAT DAY.

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Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing such positivity ❣️


I’m thankful for the tests that signal risk so we can take preventative measures to avoid getting the disease as well! Thanks be to God


Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I was puzzled when you said, 'your chest was opened'? I did wonder why that was. Sorry that you had cancer but very glad you survived it at such a young age. You are quite right that there are many more options for a cancer diagnosis these days and more to come in the future to be sure. At the moment I am still going back and forth as to whether I should have the Radiation, as my tumor was very small, or teeny-tiny as they described it? With clear margins and no cancer in the lymph nodes. My one concern is I read that 49 percent have extreme fatigue 1 - 5 years afterwards. Then another thing I read was that radiation had some very good health benefits. I think I may be reading too many books!

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There are so many decisions and very little help in making these decisions. I have a friend who had a very aggressive tumor "HerTwoNu" I think they call it. She had a breast removal, with reconstruction, but she did have chemo and followed up with Tmoxifen. She is older than me. She is 93. She did not seem to have a great deal of trouble with the Chemo although she did lose her hair, and was fatigues while under treatment. She decided against radiation and has not had a return of the cancer. Once again, there are no guarantees, we just have to do what we feel is right for ourselves, and hopefully your doctor will be of some help to you.


Thank you Gina5009. You're right in that there is very little help in making these decisions. My radiologists nurse appeared to be pushing the Hormone Blocking Pill. However, as my doctor in the past had put me on the Hormone Replacement Pill for 6 years, it would appear that my chances of getting breast cancer in the future were accelerated; making my body allied to women having their menopause at a much later age? That would be my explanation, apart from sheer chance, that I got Breast Cancer despite the fact none of my much-extended female family members had any cancer at all. I decided against the pill because of that. Now, my radiologist wants me to have three weeks of radiation plus the boost. As my cancer at surgery was 2mm with clear margins and no lymph node involvement, I'm torn about what to do? I'm now 79 and wonder if I'm too old for this treatment or am I taking a chance for the cancer to return if I don't? That's where I'm at right now. The nurse said she would call me back last Thursday, but so far, no call. I'm wondering if you don't do what the medical team wants you to do, they just don't bother with you and leave you to your own devices.?

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