weird things due to menopause?

Posted by breithauptj @breithauptj, Oct 4 7:52am

Hi has anyone had any of these symptoms I keep having and don't feel good I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me since last march….I seem to have more problems in the mornings, I will wake up dizzyish i have been working with chiropractor/tried pt and stuff to check if neck bc i do have occipital tightness alot.. also working with ENT to see if its an ear nose thing but my new thing i noticed lately (an i am in menopause for a year or so now) is that when i wake up i feel like i have a strong smell when goin to the bathroom mostly in the mornings… not sure what it is but i can smell it i have had numerous pee test which shows nothing and this morning i had it and had a dizzy feeling just like dizzy and off .. does anyone have any weird symptoms like this? could it be my hormones fluctuating and if so how do i get that checked.. the endocrinologist said mine are normal but why do i still have weird stuff?

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breithauptj @breithauptj

I am not medical professional, but two things come to mind, fluid intake and blood pressure.

It might be as simple as not drinking enough fluids? Are you dehydrated? That would also explain strong smelling urine due to it being very concentrated. I know if I get dehydrated I get dizzy.

Have you checked your blood pressure in morning when get up, is it in normal range or low. Again, if my blood pressure is low, I get dizzy.

Hope you find a solution.

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