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Posted by angellina @angellina, Sep 19, 2011

how do i loss 50 pounds in 4 months. i have been going to the gym for the past one year but am not losing much weight. i really need help

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#1. take off the pressure of "4 months" - #2 consider it a life time gradual change - #3 start logging everything (and I mean everything!) you consume - #4 consume only foods you can actually get an accurate calorie count for (from packaging and/or calorie counters (there are some good ones online)) - #5 keep your calorie consumption between 1100-1300 daily. -#6 don't eat in the evening - if you're searching, drink something or chew gum - good luck


me too, but i'd like to have an advice that yu should have a diet and keep alongside it.




The average recommended healthy weight loss seems to be about 1 pound per week. Anything more requires a concerted dietary effort/change. I am supposed to lose 20 lbs to be ready for an upcoming surgery. To help me with this, and to also help to keep my blood sugar down, my Mayo Clinic endocrinologist prescribed a drug called Trulicity for me. This is amazing stuff, it causes food to digest way slower, and it thus keeps a full feeling almost all the time. I simply don't feel like eating, because I am never hungry. I have about 5 more pounds to go, and i never had to go through the agonies of dieting.
Check with your doctor about this drug.


Hi, @angellina. I think you should pay attention to your diet



May I suggest you eat an anti inflammatory type diet. Wheat is a big factor in being overweight. Eliminate all complex carbs for now. No bread of any type…no crackers etc…anything that has wheat listed in the ingredients….doesn’t matter if it is whole grain bread…it’s still processed wheat flour. No pasta for now…watch the sugar. Read your labels. Eat meat or chicken or fish and fresh vegetables (frozen is fine) and fresh fruit. Avoid processed foods…no cold cuts or bacon.

Of course no soda or juice and cut down on dairy. Eat clean and you will drop the pounds and feel better too. You can’t outrun a bad diet so all the exercise in the world won’t help of your diet is no good.

Goggle anti inflammatory diet to get an idea of what’s good for you. Start now …throw out the bad stuff or give it away. It only takes a few days for your body to feel the effects. What you eat affects every single organ in your body. Your organs will be doing the happy dance when you start.

When you reach your goal spend some time reading about clean food or true food and “fad” diets. Once you start eating the right way, you won’t go back and you will learn how to incorporate some healthy pasta dishes or desserts into your everyday meals. It’s not a severe way of eating at all but you may want to be stricter in the beginning. One day at a time.

FL Mary

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