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weight loss

Posted by @angellina, Sep 19, 2011

how do i loss 50 pounds in 4 months. i have been going to the gym for the past one year but am not losing much weight. i really need help

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Posted by @joanblaine, Sep 20, 2011

#1. take off the pressure of “4 months” – #2 consider it a life time gradual change – #3 start logging everything (and I mean everything!) you consume – #4 consume only foods you can actually get an accurate calorie count for (from packaging and/or calorie counters (there are some good ones online)) – #5 keep your calorie consumption between 1100-1300 daily. –#6 don’t eat in the evening – if you’re searching, drink something or chew gum – good luck

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Posted by @swice, Sep 21, 2011

me too, but i’d like to have an advice that yu should have a diet and keep alongside it.

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