Weight loss with GCA and Polymyalgia

Posted by khmc @khmc, Apr 6 10:25am

I have had GCA and polymyalgia for 2 years. Actemra injections every 14 day. Continual weight loss unable to gain. All blood tests are good .
Eat well plus protein drinks, I am active but not doing any unusual strenuous activities. Has any one else had this experience.

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Hi @khmc, I had the opposite problem with my PMR but from what I've read you are not alone with the GCA and the unintended weight loss symptom. While we wait for others who might have experience to share, here is an older article I found on the topic.

"Systemic features, including low-grade fever, anorexia and fatigue, are present in approximately half of patients.5, 12 Giant cell arteritis may also be associated with weight loss and night sweats, however, these symptoms may also suggest other possible diagnoses, such as a malignancy.10 In rare instances, systemic symptoms will be the only clinical indication of giant cell arteritis, therefore, the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis should be considered in any patient with systemic symptoms, raised inflammatory markers and no evidence of another cause, such as infection."
— Giant cell arteritis: Always keep it in your head: https://bpac.org.nz/bpj/2013/june/arteritis.aspx

Have you discussed the unintended weight loss with your rheumatologist to see if they have any suggestions or additional tests they can run?

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