Weight loss from Stage 4 lung cancer.

Posted by mikee2all @mikee2all, Mar 22 8:35am

I have lost a lot of weight and I still lose a little everyday. Does anybody have any ideas on how to stop losing weight and stabilize. I can actually see my arms getting skinny and it's frightening. I have read where on gets anorexic and bodily functions shut down.

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Good Morning. Are uou eating lots of extra calorie? GOOD calories? Protiens? Have you tried Weight gainers and breakfast drinks like Carnation amd Ensure Max with your meals and in between? Has your doctor recommended you see a dietician? I hope you find something that works.


Thanks for your reply, yes, I am going tuesday to see a nutritionist. I try to eat good protein but Twinkies are my downfall.


Thanks for your reply, yes, I am going tuesday to see a nutritionist. I try to eat good protein but Twinkies are my downfall.

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@mikee2all, I’m glad you are consulting with a nutritionist. They should have some helpful suggestions. When I was at my worst, all I could eat was grilled cheese sandwich’s and vanilla shakes, and even then I only wanted a few bites before I felt full. It’s such an odd feeling, as I usually have a major sweet tooth and love to eat, but I just didn’t crave or want anything.
The protein shakes may be helpful if you can get them down. Hugs!


There are times in the treatment cycle where calories are far more important than a balanced diet.

Make cream soups with heavy cream or whipping cream. Add protein to milkshakes and smoothies. Shake made with Boost or Ensure. Eat 5-7 small meals through the course of the day. My favorite treat was hot fudge sundaes with bananas and whipped cream. Potatoes mashed with heavy cream, add butter, rice with butter. White bread, cookies, puddings. Pancakes or waffles with butter and syrup or bagels with cream cheese or other spreadable cheeses. Basically, anything food plans recommend you skip.

If you do not have much appetite, there are appetite stimulants that can be prescribed.

Sending hope your meeting is productive.


I'm so sorry you are going through this! Weight loss is not fun. I have an incontinence problem which includes a weight loss problem also. I found that eating good quality protein such as good red meat really helped me gain weight and feel great! I eat Allen Brothers steaks and burgers. They are top quality and natural. I have gained 20 pounds by eating them since I started having weight loss problems. I also eat a lot of mashed potatoes and gravy made from scratch and good quality fresh vegetables and fruit. Stay away from any foods with preservatives in them such as frozen dinners and hot dogs. They have no real food value in them. Your body is fighting for it's life now. It needs a lot of help with good quality food! Prayer helps too! I'll say a prayer for you.

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