Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

Posted by lusia @lusia, Dec 9, 2017

taking 5mg ambian for 20 years can melatonin help to ween me off

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Hi. I’m sorry you are having such a battle; one I know only too well. You mentioned you have been taking it many years at the top dosage. How many years?
I have been taking it at least fifteen years at 12.5 and I believe that is the highest dosage. I have tried numerous different things : other drugs, antihistamines, edibles came closest to anything that worked. I have had two sleep studies and they recommended that I stay in in the Ambien because I had tried so many different Pharmaceuticals.
What did you mean about “women taking less?” Was a reason given?
Right now I am trying, again, a CPAP machine. It just might work this time. It’s a lot more comfortable than it was seven years ago, when I gave up trying. It’s supposed to help (maybe get off the Ambien) also with clenching (teeth) during the night, which is a real problem for me.
Let me know how you’re doing.😊

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I was told to reduce my 5mg by cutting it in half which really doesn’t work because the pill is tiny anyway it’s never the same anyway. Wondering if I took half of Ambien which is a about a 2.5 and 10 melatonin


Our Medicare supplemental coverage refused to cover Ambien due to memory loss issues. I am 72, and take 1mg. of clonazepam, and things seem fine. Much has been written about clonazepam, and nearly every other medication, but it works for me. I have hope for those with medical and pharmacological issues, but I continue to be flummoxed by those who self taper off of prescribed medication, in many instances without the oversight of a physician. Antidepressants and anti anxiety meds can be very disabling. I had a very bad experience with an antidepressant, new to the market and highly touted. I was prescribed it by a board certified psychiatrist with 30 years experience. The drug and physician are both good, but the drug was not good for me. Brain chemistry is not an exact science, and I am hopeful people will defer to their physicians. This forum is wonderful, but not a substitute for one on one medical supervision. Climbing off my soapbox…

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