Weak limbs losing feeling trouble waking whole body becoming weak

Posted by 10987654321 @10987654321, Mar 2, 2021

I feel like my limbs are really bad they went from tingling to completely weak to now I’m losing so much feeling esp my left leg thst I can barely walk I’m really scared

They said emg was ok.

What could be doing this to me!? No dr is helping me and now I can barely walk.

Any help!??????

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@10987654321-Hi. I read one of your other threads in this section. I noticed you said this came on after a sinus surgery? Can you explain a little more about exactly what type of surgery it was? You had mentioned brain fog and neuro pain and also difficulty breathing?


@10987654321 I just read this post What kind of Dr,s have you seen? Have you seen specialist like rheumatologist, neurologist,or orthopedic Dr,s ? It's scary to lose some function of your legs I have experienced this also so know how you feel and having x-rays and seeing neurosurgeon for my problem Best wishes to you


@10987654321 I can tell you are quite scared and looking for what may be causing your weakness in your legs. Your post made me think of this recent story on the Sharing Mayo Clinic Blog so I wanted to share with you.

-Sharing Mayo Clinic: Team of Mayo Experts Pinpoint Source of Puzzling Leg Weakness:
Does this man's symptoms or story correlate in any way to what you have been experiencing? What was offered as a recommendation for next steps by the last doctor you saw for care?


Maybe this is related to MS


Hello @lorimwerz and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thanks for responding to this discussion with your thoughts.

Do you have experience with weak limbs as well or, perhaps, MS?


@10987654321-I was checking back into see if you have made any progress? I am not sure if you have been back to the forum or not.

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