Waiting for scan results. Is this part of scanxiety?

Posted by azkidney57 @azkidney57, Oct 27, 2019

So I am waiting to know the results of my recent scans. Is this part of scanxiety? Or is it results anxiety or post testing angst? Whatever one could call it I don’t like it! I wish I could know right away! The results of my own scans have to go through my doctors first! I realize that is how it’s done but it makes me more anxious. I don’t like having to wait. How does anyone else handle the waiting game? I have been trying to be relaxed about it. The underlying dread of “what if”! My arm still hurts from where I received the contrast for my MRI. I had a dream about being inside the “tube”. The clicking and clacking of machine the voice that told me to hold my breath and breathe. I wonder if I could get a gin and tonic to take the edge off. Then I was cold and hot at the same time! It was a bit like torture. The tube is like a coffin, confining and restricting. It was uncomfortable in the machine and then my nose started to itch and I couldn’t move my arms!

They gave me earphones when I had my MRI and I listened to music the whole time and kept my eyes closed. It helps. If you like to read, it takes your minds off the "what if's" and it helps also. We are all in this waiting game together. (((((hugs)))))

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