Is vomiting normal with glioblastoma?

Posted by stichydog @stichydog, Oct 21 10:48am

Is vomiting normal with glioblastoma.

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My wife, Deborah, had glioblastoma. In the closing months, there was a fair deal of vomiting, due to the head being moved and the brain not being able to cope with it.
It is usual at any stage so please do not be alarmed, however distressing it is for you to experience.


My wife was diagnosed with glio in June of 2023. She went thru 30 radiations and 42 treatments of oral chemo simultaneously. She did not have a single episode of nausea. She was taking anti nausea meds each day before taking the chemo drug. Her biggest problems were loss of appetite resulting in weight loss, and constipation. She begins the next stage of chemo next week which includes a near double of the chemo dose for five days on and 23 days off. So whether that results in nausea time will tell.


Hi @stichydog, I hope you saw the helpful posts from fellow members @andrew172 and @djw.

I'd like to learn a bit more about your experience with glioblastoma, if you're willing to share. Do you have glioblastoma or are you caring for someone? What treatments are you having or have you had? When do you experience the vomiting?

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