Vitamins and supplements: Have any been helpful for people with CLL?

Posted by 54321kl @54321kl, Jan 21 1:03am

I am looking for some insight into vitamins and supplements that have been helpful for people with CLL.

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I am not a doctor. Besides my Heme doc, my primary is a functional medicine doc and I’ve also seen a naturopathic oncologist. The last two agree (and insist) I take the following:

Good quality multiple (vitamins and minerals)
Additional 2,000 mg Vit C (divided between breakfast and dinner)
10,000 IU Vit D3
K2 (both like the brand Koncentrated K)
Resveratrol, 500 mg (they like the brand Reserveage)
Fish oils

All 3 of them are ok with my taking any extra B vitamins (daytime only, for energy), but no other minerals or fat-soluable without asking them first.

They’ll probably do a blood test for Vit D levels. Ideal (healthy) number is between 50-90. I started out around 36, too low for someone w/health issues. Took almost a year to bring me up to the low 80’s, but I haven’t had so much as a cold or sniffle in the past few years - even through the pandemic. My dental hygienist says my gums and bones are healthier now, too. It’s working for me.

Like everything else, I’ve learned some nationally advertised brands contain cheaper nutrients that are not absorbed well. So basically, those are a waste of money. Other brands they like are Pure Encapsulations and Vital. You can find them online.

Run this by your doc and your pharmacist. The latter often has more experience with nutritional supplements. Best wishes!


I really appreciate your well researched response! This is really helpful. How did you find your team of providers?

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