virus and the febrile state

Posted by crc @crc, Mar 25, 2020

from Medical Microbiology comes this….Natural Killer cells can recognize and kills virus infected cells….all medical text books reveal the febrile state creates these T cells,,,why are we not using the bodies defense system just a layman asking the question thanks

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Hi @crc and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are all layman, patients and caregivers on Connect, support each other through this time of social isolation.

This article in Nature explains how the febrile state (defined as the symptoms that accompany a rise in temperature, such as pulse and respiration rate increasing, with headache, pains, malaise, loss of appetite, concentrated and diminished urine, chills or sweating, restlessness, insomnia, and irritability) helps fight infection.

– How a fever helps the immune system to battle infection

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