Video Visit with Oncology Doctor

Posted by altc321 @altc321, May 24 9:50am

Has anyone had Video visits with their oncology doctor (at Mayo Clinic) after their CT periodic CT scans? Wonder if you feel this is as good as office visit!

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That was very difficult news to hear via video.
You are a champ! Two years and much living to go! Congratulations.

Doctors experienced with this disease know there are caveats to survival and for how long. They should explain things in those terms. There are more and more survivors now and they should acknowledge that as well!

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Thank you for your support. I had a 4 month break from chemo but my CA19-9 jumped so this coming Thursday will be my 3rd treatment with Gemcitabine & Abraxane. You are so right about "much living to go"! I realize I will never be "cured" but I can be NED for periods & take a break from chemo. Anxious to see what my June CT will reveal. At the end of June, I will contact that oncologist again with my latest reports & let him know his 11 months are 24 months 🙂
You are so right it was difficult news via video! I had been told so many times by staff that I had got it early; was a stage 1 and surgery would fix it. Boy was that wrong! My husband & I did not even know what to say to that doctor. My local oncologist was so much more positive and said let's see how you respond to treatment. He is still encouraging when I questioned the rush to chemo, but better hair loss & bone pain & neuropathy for a while & hopefully another "break" down the line 🙂


I'm also in Georgia & my first oncology visit was a Zoom conference with a Florida Mayo doctor.
When I asked my prognosis, I was told 2-4 months without treatment; 11 months with treatment. Saw my Georgia oncologist 2 days later & I was a wreck. My husband & I were still in shock! Thank God it will be 2 years in June since that prognosis. I did email my Zoom doctor to tell him I had survived the first year! May do it again as I am approaching our "2nd anniversary".
I did tell him he should defer & say that a lot depends on you & how you tolerate your treatments. I do not know if he was licensed in Georgia.

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I had the same experience in person for a second opinion in Seattle. The doctor's recommendation was that I start making my bucket list. That was also two years ago and my daughter and I left in a state of shock. I was recently referred to the same institution and they assigned me to this same doctor. I said absolutely not and they gave me a different doctor.

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