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Posted by shs @shs, Jun 20, 2020

I am new to the group, but have appreciated the input from everyone on various issues. I have had MAC for about two years. My main symptom is always being extremely short of breath. Because of my weight ( very low) my local pulmonologist has felt I am not a candidate for normal antibiotic treatment. The only thing I have been doing is using 3% saline along with an albuterol inhaler, and a flutter valve. Nothing makes me cough. I am unable to cough up anything. I recently had a televisit with a doctor from the University of North Carolina pulmonary clinic. She recommended I change to 7% saline and work on airway clearance. She recommended I try a VibraLung which uses sound waves to hopefully dislodge the bacteria in my lungs. I also have a hole in my lung. So, I do not know if I am a candidate for this. The VibraLung is very expensive (about $4,000), which is not covered by Medicare or insurance. It is also nonreturnable. Has anyone used a VibraLung? What were your experiences?


Thanks for the info I think I will give it a try. Does it make a lot of noise? I also go to Dr Daniels in NC. You can attach the Aerobika to your nebulizer cup and use it together….it works very well.

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The Vibralung is noisy in that it works by playing sounds in different tonal patterns to vibrate your lungs. But it turns itself off after 10 minutes and I’ve learned I like the low tones “songs” more than the highest one. I’ll get out my Aerobika and figure out how to attach it to the neb cup. Thanks.


Terri, I got an Aerobica a couple of months ago. My protocol for airway clearance is as follows – Early AM Aerobika for 10 minutes then shortly after I will nebulize with 7% saline followed by another 10 minutes of Aerobika. Later that AM I do postural drainage by lying flat on my back for 10 minutes or so then manual chest percussion (wife does back) followed by huff coughing then regular coughing. Works well for me to bring up sputum. I never have to cough the rest of the day. Later that evening I take my dose of Arikayce.

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Hi poodledoc-Hope you are doing well!! Just FYI I have a nebulizer Cup that is built into My aerobika. You put saline in and then Attach to neb machine. I can do the aerobika nebulizer W/saline along with the aerobika at the same time!!
Also—my pulmonologist has me neb albuterol in my aerobika before I do my aerobika for 15”. He said it was to open Airways and prevent bronchospasm when I use Arikayce. After albuterol I do my Arikayce. Just thought I’d say some things since anything that I can find to save time I really appreciate.! Of course the albuterol isn’t saving time but we wanting meds to work the best They can. Healing thots! Judy


@migizii why does your doctor want you to switch? I was on an airway system (Aerobika) and my doctor changed the order to a vest due to the lack of mucus I could produce. The vest has significantly increased mucus production and reduced exacerbations.

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7% saline helps make you cough if you breathe it thru a nebulizer. Some come with a cup built onto the aerobika that you can attach to a nebulizer and take your saline at the same time they’re great!!

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