Vestibular migraine: What symptoms do you experience?

Posted by klhe @klhe, Aug 12, 2018

good day members,

Johns Hopkins diagnosed me with vestibular migraine a little over one year ago. Prior to that no one knew what I had and I saw ENTs, neurologists, and many other Dr.s. MRI of close to two years ago shows all is normal. However, despite a respite of feeling almost normal for three months while taking a new medication (Effexor extended release at 75mg.) all of my symptoms came back full force for what I call episodes, at least once a week, and lasting up to three 3 days in bed. My symptoms for the last two years have been: popping ears, nausea, vertigo at the beginning which seems to have gone away and been replaced by dizziness and light headedness, tingling all over head, severe headaches, weakness to almost numbness in my arms, and severe fatigue. I can feel like a pressure in my head at times. I have not lost cognitive functions: that only occurred when I took Topiamate. My internist wants me to see a specialist at the Mayo Clinic, but I wonder if anyone else has experienced what my Hopkins Dr. calls very atypical VM symptoms?

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Thank you ans! You made it very clear 🙂
I am now wondering how "myofascial release" can impact vestibular migraines and what is the connection between the 2.
This therapy can help migraines?
Any further thoughts on this appreciated from anyone!


I agree with @ans that finding a PT with expertise in vertigo has been the most useful for me, and my mother, and my daughter.

Vestibular migraine seems like a catch all to me. If it is indeed coming from the brain, then that would be neurology. But a PT can eliminate other sources.
There are several meds that can be tried. Topamax wasn't helpful for us.


Jennifer, can you please tell me what is a "MFR therapist"? I have no idea what even MFR means.
I had a concussion in 2019 & a thunderclap headache in 2020 which opened up the very ugly can of migraines for me. I might now be going down the "vestibular" road with my migraines. As you know, this condition can certainly change into many "types".
Any information appreciated! Thank you kindly.

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@briarrose MFR is myofascial release which is a specialized type of physical therapy to stretch tight fascia. You probably have seen fascia when skinning a raw chicken an it's the cobweb like tissue. It permeates everything in our bodies and can become damaged or restricted which prevents normal movement. These experts are trained in the John Barnes methods as he is the one who created this therapy. I have done a lot of this MFR and it has helped me a lot. You can learn more about it in this discussion. The beginning pages have lots of links to information and videos.


Thank you kindly Jennifer 🙂

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