Vectra da test

Posted by lisabeans @lisabeans, Sep 5, 2018

Had anyone heard of or had a vectra da blood test for ra? My results came back saying 48 normal. Then under it said high. My rheumatologist is out for a few weeks and I am going crazy trying to figure this out. All other blood tests came back fine except a low rbc.

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45-100 is high indicating active disease. Granted it is on the lower end but the test is for RA solely. I am not a doctor, so I am taking a snapshot of the scale on my phone and attaching here. Good luck to you my friend. God bless you. Prayers.


Hello @lisabeans and @seanloop, I found a site with a good explanation of the Vectra DA test that may provide a little more information.

Vectra DA Frequently Asked Questions:


Thank you! I will check it out.


I have had several Vectra tests as my rhuematologists uses it to help us decide if medications are working. All of my results have been in the 50's so even though my inflammatory markers have come down I am still having active disease activity. I have found this test helpful as when my inflammatory markers came down she thought the meds was working but I was still feeling bad, doing the Vectra helped us decide we needs to move on to a new medication. Look at their website as it has lots of helpful information. Good luck!!


Thanks. This is the first time my results came high (48) but it is only my 2nd time taking this test. All my other blood work has been negative. I am in so much pain right now and the tramadol isn't touching it.

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