Vasculitis connected to Blood Disorder?

Posted by fitchick40 @fitchick40, Jun 14, 2019

I have Erythocytosis which is controlled. I recently started getting a painful rash on my stomach but it comes and goes. My hematologist said it's Vasculitis and wants to do a biopsy when it flares up again. Has anyone experienced Vasculitis due to your blood disorder? The doctor wasn't sure what was causing it. I eat healthy and exercise.

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Hello @fitchick40. My apologies for the late response to this discussion. If you don't mind me asking and if you are comfortable sharing, was there a particular type of vasculitis that you were diagnosed with? Mayo Clinic lists multiple types of vasculitis, You may also notice that one of the listed causes of vasculitis is indeed being diagnosed with a blood cancer/disorder. Have you had another flare since you posted your original message? Was any treatment discussed?

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