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Various swelling of the body

Posted by @nikijerry in Women's Health, Nov 28, 2012

My lips, cheeks, chin, tongue, hand palm, hand finger, thumbs and privates can swell at any time with no warning. I have tracked my food intake, my medications, I have gone to the doctor and had blood tests and allergy tests done. The tests showed nothing wrong.

My first swelling happened in April of 2011. The second was on November 13, 2011, and since then I have had 24 incidents of swelling in various parts of my body.

It doesn't matter what I do I cannot stop it. If someone could give me some advice, or has had some dealings with this kind of thing I would highly appreciate it.

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Posted by @anon56837187, Nov 30, 2012

You mentioned medications. What are you taking? Are there changes if medications around April 2011? Did you see a Cardiologist? When swelling, did you also check the lymphatic system? I assume your kidney and liver are healthy. Do you have rashes too?


Posted by @nikijerry, Nov 30, 2012

Thanks for answering. I am taking Hydrochlorothiazide, Omeprazol and a multi vitamin. No changes. I was sent to an Oncology clinic when I had my whole face swell up. They did a complete blood work up and an allergy testing. They couldn't find anything in the blood work so I am presuming that my liver and kidneys are ok. . That was in February of 2012. Since I didn't have good health insurance, they dropped me as a patient when the tests came back normal. There are no rashes involved. I have not seen a cardiologist. I have not checked my lyphatic system while swelling. Is that in the arm pit? Again, thanks for the reply.


Posted by @anon56837187, Dec 1, 2012

Okay. You are taking water pill and med for Heart burn. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Eat low sodium foods. Exercise regularly. Check your Thyroid too. Write down what you eat when swelling occurs. Check with a Cardiologist when you get your insurance. Feel well.


Posted by @nikijerry, Dec 3, 2012


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